step 1...... collect the books

Every year when you go for vacations try taking books in your luggage and share it with the children of the country you are visiting. You can start with the books you have and also ask friends in school to donate.

STep 2 ...... Make space for the books in your bag

Your luggage allowance can be anywhere between 15 to 30 kg try to reserve half of your bag for the books , after all you don't need that many personal belongings. Pack your books in your bag.

step 3......... Give the books to the local school

Find out about a local school where you are staying and find time to take the books you have collected and present it to the school adminstration


From Sydney to Karachi

I am 7 year old and we visit Karachi in Pakistan every year to meet our grandparents and cousins. In my visit i have seen many children on the street cleaning cars and asking for help, i have always wondered why they were not in school. I am planning to take books for them this time around and read with them.

Moemen - North Ryde Public School

Keep books in good health

  1. Always turn pages from the corner
  2. Protect them with a clear cover
  3. Keep them back in their place after reading
  4. Share them with other children